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About CRRN

Center for Research in Respiratory and Neuroscience is a laboratory for providing spirometry, Nerve Conduction, Electromyography and Electroencephalogram services. Launched in 2016 under the Faculty of Postgraduate Medicine.

What we do?

At CRRN since our establishment we have been providing extra and essential basic laboratory services in our country, where other wise our government used to refer the patient to ex-country for these test which is burdening for both people and country.

What we want to do?

At CRRN, we aims to continue and upgrade our service with growing technology. We are also trying to provide new and essential test related to Respiratory and Neuroscience testing that are required in our country.

Want to Help Us?

Thank you for wanting to HELP US.

CRRN lab being first only one providing this kind of services we are lacking experiences and there is always a budget problems. If you are interested in helping please continue to read what we require.

What we Need?

We are looking for experts advice on medically accepted brands of equipment for spirometry, nerve conduction, EMG and EEG.

We are also gladly accepting functioning and old equipment as a donation for above mentioned tests.

If you want to be donator or advicer please email us.